Monday, June 8, 2009

Dear Life

Dear Life,

How odd is it that I'm writing to you? Did you ever think you'd hear from me, or that I'd just lived you and not take the time to ask some things of you? Being this is the first letter to you from me I'll keep it simple this time. I'm not promising anything for future postings, understand?

There are so many things to ask, I don't necessarily know where to about Life as a Parent? How great is it that I'm getting to live out this thing, Life as Parent? It's great. Not all the time, mind you. Sometimes it's a real pain in the ass, but looking at my girls and seeing my wife and I in the things they do, say, and ways they respond, it's amazing. AMAZING!

I sit here in the house and hear them playing, arguing, fighting, eating or watching Boomerang, and I feel like I'll always hear those sounds. Then I remember that my parents used to hear those same sounds from my brother and I, and I wonder if they thought the same thing? Even though there is still a lot of time left for our girls to be here and do all the things in the house that I love and loathe, grand scheme time frame it's such a short blip on the screen. My oldest was asking when she would get a car. "When you're 16" I said, not really thinking anything about it. "Coooool" she answered. Then it hit me, that's only 9 years from now. That's crazy!

I know that all parents have these thoughts, but I still wonder did our parents have them, and did their parents have the same thoughts about them when they were kids? I think it must be so, and I think that it's so funny that you, Life, go through the same thing generation after generation with only little changes.

So, Life, what I'm wondering is did you plan it this way, or are people just people and not much changes. Is there something to be learned in this repetitive cycle? I could easily focus on how 9 years could fly by in the blink of an eye, 7 years certainly has, or I can just live it, enjoying the girls and my wife and friends.

I guess that's it for now, Life. You're pretty sweet right now, and I'm very appreciative of that; although sometimes I know it doesn't seem that way. Rest assured, I do know it, and I do appreciate it.

Until next time...