Monday, September 7, 2009

Pacing Myself; A Setback

Right, so school has started back and dammit all I have suffered a setback.

I was so proud of myself with the whole eating thing. I was really taking the time to do this right. Slowing down, chewing, enjoying, everything. Well, as I said school has started back, and as I put in my original post about eating I don't have much time to eat everyday, so...


Yes, I have started inhaling my food again. I was thinking that I had, but then talking with a friend who eats around the same time I got verification.

"Yeah! I saw it," she started, "his lunch was there and then shhhhhhhup! It was gone".

It's bad enough knowing you've had a setback, but it makes it a little more humiliating when someone can bear witness to it.

So, back to step one: Eating, Take Two.

Bear with me folks, this ain't gonna be easy.