Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Comic Con!

So GQ and I are leaving tomorrow on a jet plane heading to San Diego for Comic Con 2012. If you're not hip to it then the best way to describe it is a gathering of Pop Culture - TV, movies, comic books, video games, toys and more.  Here's some shots of my first time two years ago - SDCC 2010.  

The Girls are staying behind with Grandma & PopPop hoping to get some good Cousin time in, and hopefully see the new Ice Age movie.

This is my second time going, and I'm excited SUPER EXCITED! When I got back from my first time one of the teachers I work with asked me how it was, and as I started to blather on about it she asked, "You want to live at Comic Con, don't you?" And you know what? I do!

So, I've got to finish packing and try to print out the schedule so I can read it on the plane and make sure I have enough batteries for my camera and clean my man room in case the dog/house sitter decides to sleep down here b/c it's the coolest room in the house (both types of cool).

I'll be posting stuff as often as I can.  If I don't come back it's because Comic Con doesn't make you sign something like they do at Disney World stating that "I acknowledge that I do not now, nor will I ever, reside permanently in the Magic Kingdom." and I've found a way to enter that world and not come back.

That wouldn't happen. I'd never leave the Girls, Marley and The Puppy Without a Name behind. GQ? She'd move in too if she could, so if one of us goes, we both go.

Speaking of GQ, she's just released her second novel this year (I KNOW RIGHT?!?), FanGirl! You can get to it here - FanGirl!
I'm amazingly impressed and proud of her.  It's a great story.  Much different from Wraith, her first novel.  It is in the YA field, and not yet available as a paperback or in Nook format, but both will be forthcoming.

Okay, peace out y'all. I'm going to finish packing and then be too excited to sleep.

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