Sunday, October 19, 2008

Okay, GO!

Right, so here it goes random stream of consciousness writing like I used to in high school for 10 minutes. 10:24 - 10:34. Tattoos hurt. They really really do, and if you're not sure you want one you should really consider not doing it. that's what i did the first time. i wasn't ready so i didn't get it and when i did i was ready and i was glad. both times i have gotten tattoos there has been some guy in there getting this HUGE thing done and they're sitting there like they're bored or something and i'm sitting there grimacing like a bastard and thinking, THIS REALLY HURTS, and the guy tattooing me looks like he's about 12 and his skinny rocker boy jeans have a hole in the crotch and i'm so glad that i'm facing the other way so i don't have to look at the hole in his crotch.

i would like to go on record as saying nothing. nothing on the record, noting that there's nothing on the record i will say that sometimes having nothing to say can be liberating, but not in the way you think.

i will also say that my post about my dog, who's not so great stands as much today as it did yesterday and that he fell down the stairs again today.

i forgot cinnamon toast crunch in my cereal blog and i should not have forgotten it b/c it's the best thing out there now.

dogs from my past - smokey, brutess, smut, jimi, janis. all dogs that made an impact on my life. strangely enough there is a pattern of every other dog being really smelly and the first and third had horrible skin problems that made it so i didn't want to touch them or have them too close to me. i remember when smokey died, i must have only been about 8 or 9 and i was so sad and i went and hid under my bed in my blue room with jungle print carpet and cried and cried and cried and my dad came and tried to make me feel better, but i can't remember what he said and i don't know if it made me feel better or not. when your dog dies and that dog has been with you for a long time, a really long time a part of you dies too b/c you spent so much time and energy and love with that dog and they were so much a part of your life and it's amazing that that much love can be poured into a dog. people who aren't dog people can't get it, it's just like trying to explain to someone why they should have kids, it can't be done, but when you have one the little switch inside of you gets clicked on and it's just right and there's nothing in the world but you and that little bitty tiny baby even when you're waiting for your wife to get out of post-op and it's just you and the baby. the first baby, the second baby, there are so many differences that no one tells you about and i don't know if they can or what, but it's crazy and i think did my parents feel the same way about my brother and i and then i feel badly and wonder if i'm a bad parent b/c i have these feelings and it's not a love one more than the other or less than the other, but there is clearly a thing b/t first and second born kids and i guess maybe that's why birth order is an interesting topic for some people, i guess

oh, only a minute to go and i can't think of where to go so i think i'm just going to STOP!

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Laurie said...

My tattoo didn't hurt that bad, cuz, it just felt the way I would think little acupuncture needles would feel going real fast. I took 2 extra strength tylenol before i went, maybe that is the difference, or maybe it's because compared to having labor pains, that was like a breeze, a breeze I tell ya!