Monday, October 13, 2008

Yardwork, Atlanta Radio & Dinner

Right, so I have come to the conclusion that when I do yardwork I am have too much time on my hands that my mind starts to wander, and it never ends up anywhere good. I have almost convinced myself three times now that I need to get in my van and leave, NOW, and go somewhere. I don't know where, but not in that yard, getting those leaves. Today I tried to do it with some music, so as to fill the empty space, and The Police occupied my mind, but then I tried to tie my life in with Sting's or Stewart's songs, never Andy's because, well because I don't dig blow-up dolls. So, my mind's wandering into their songs and some of them are eerily coinciding with things in my life, and on hand, that's kind of cool, but on the other hand, it's the left hand, the hand I write with, that's not cool at all. These aren't happy, my life is fantastic songs. These are songs that deal with all kinds of not so great things. Then "Mother" came on, and good Lord I had not thought about "Mother" in such a long time, and what a creepy-ass song that is. Now, I will state that in NO WAY do I relate ANYTHING in that song to my own. I just have to put that out there. It's just that we're talking about The Police, and that's one of their songs. Luckily for my state of mind there were enough instrumentals and semi-instrumentals that my mental spaz off was contained. "Masako Tango" where would I be without you? So, final thoughts on this subject - yard work is not good for me. Unfortunately I have 48,934 leaves left to go before they're done falling. Stupid Autumn.

Atlanta Radio
I don't know what conglomerate came into Atlanta took a look at the stations that we used to have and said, , but whoever they are I hope that they develop a very lengthy bladder infection that causes them to writhe in pain. Because there is no more radio in Atlanta, at least not on the fm tuner. Dave fm? Yes, but no. The River? Please, Led Zeppelin is a great band, but they actually have more than those five songs you play. Project 96.1? I've got a project for you - go study some music history, find yourself a target audience that isn't 13 and pimply, give yourself a real name, and then try again. The only station that has remained untouched is B98.5, and they sucked to begin with. I was exposed to the station I regularly tune into by chance a few years back. WMLB 1690 am used to be Air America, (thank God that's not on anymore, Janeane Garofolo I like you in your movies, but you're one angry radio host.) but was bought by a business guy with a broad taste in music. The truck I used to drive had no fm tuner for some reason, so all I could get was am stations, which I thought that meant nothing but talk radio, and please just slap me with The New York Times on one cheek and The Washington Post on the other. The truck's radio didn't have a CD player so I would either have my Discman or I'd resurrect tapes from a box in the basement to listen to music. On days when I had neither I'd try in vain a few times on the fm tuner and then switch over to am. Seek....blah blah nag (indecipherable Spanish) Cash "I Walk the Line"? Hmm, what's going on here? Bob Dylan "Shelter From the Storm"? The Beatles "Norwegian Wood"? Now just hold on here one minute. Radio doesn't sound like this. Well take it off hold pally because yes it does. I urge all of you to go right now to and see for yourself. Here's a sample of what you can hear in one day on THE SAME STATION! Al Jolson, Amazing Rhythm Aces, Artie Shaw, Bach, Benny Goodman, Billy Joel, Bob & Ray, Bob Dylan, Chopin, Chuck Berry, Diane Ross, Dion and the Belmonts, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Gene Autry, George Gershwin, Gordon Lightfoot, Gordon MacRae, Guissepe Verdi, Gustav Mahler, Hank Williams, Haydn, James Brown, Joan Baez, Klezmer Conservatory Ensemble, Louis Armstrong, Luciano Pavarotti, Mel Brooks, Mendelssohn, Miles Davis, Patsy Cline, Paul Robeson, Ray Charles, Rogers and Hammerstein, Roy Acuff, Schumann, Sidney Bechet, Sidney Robinson, Spencer Davis, The Beatles, Tony Bennett. The DJs are a little cheesy, especially Larry Larson in the morning (he does play great music though), but Grover Norman for "The Long Drive Home" is so good. If you love music as much as I do, or even almost as much, you owe it to yourself to go check it out.

Mmmm-mmmm! I love Mahi-Mahi, and the sandwiches I had tonight were awesome! A friend coated the filets with Creole seasoning and put them in her George Foreman grill, and hot damn they were sooooooooo good! I'm not a BLT person b/c I don't eat tomatoes, and as a rule I don't just put Mayo on my sandwich, but tonight I made an exception for the Mayo, plus there's always the bacon - real bacon, not the lame turkey bacon substitute - turkey sausage, yes, fine, but bacon needs to be pork. Mac & Cheese, meh, I would have rather had fries, but it was a beautiful evening to sit on a deck and inhale two sandwiches. As a teacher I have had to learn to savor taste quickly, so no complaints that inhaling food doesn't give it enough time to give your taste buds the pleasure. Shut it. Your taste buds are slow and fat. Mine are in hyper-drive like the rest of me.

So, that's all for tonight. I've heard from one person that says they already have their soundtrack for a loved one complete. I just don't know if it's for a realized loved one or a obessession loved one want to be their love slave forever and a day one. Who cares? Somebody did what I suggested, and that's kind of cool.

Love to you all.

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Laurie said...

Atlanta radio, hmmm, my first taste with Atlanta radio, had to be as a teenager, I was in love with Steve Mccoy, no Vicki, and his crank calls and all his foolishness. Then when I got introduced to Led Zep by a classmate, I switched to 96 rock and I was in love with 96 rock. I had the car tag on the front of my hot gray chevette. I had a tshirt, buttons, anything, I loved them. I loved Willard the dj and Kaedy Kiely and Christopher Rude. Willard was my fav, he was on weeknights. He had a perfect album side. Me and my also obsessed friend Mary, made a perfect album side by blowing up a balloon, writing the songs on there with a sharpie, letting the air out and mailing it to Willard. To my surprise a few months later, Willard called my house with Mary on the phone giggling. I was like WTF? I got so excited I went to get a tape and taped the whole thing. Let me see if I can recall the songs:

For Those About to Rock, ac/dc
The Cradle Will Rock Van Halen
More Than a Feeling Boston

Oh lawd, I can't remember the rest right now. Anyway, Chris Rude was funny. He used to talk to this homeless guy, Andy Dupree, who would come out to all the events.
Then there was Z93. I loved z93. Willard and Kaedy switched over there. The day it turned to Davefm, I was so pissed. No dj's???? WTF? How could they take away my Willard? So the no dj thing didn't last long, they brought back Mara, who I love, and Sully. The music needs to expand back to the oldies more along with the new stuff. IMHO they are playing the new stuff way too repetetively. But I'm still a fan. Thanks for letting me ramble, cuz. AHHHH the memories.
Oh I forgot, I won lots of stuff on 96 rock. I got elton john and whitesnake concert tickets. i won turtle's tokens, anybody remember Turtle's? Okay I'm done!